Never Silent

that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent.

February Song – It Was Paid – Remix

I remixed the song "It Was Paid" a number of times. The song was mastered online at LANDR:

Sermon Notes – Feb 19, 2017  

Darryl Mosley, Senior Pastor My notes from the sermon which are just a small part of the message.  The whole sermon can be heard at: Am I so close to you that I can't feel you Or your love so... Continue Reading →

Sermon Notes – Feb 26, 2017

God’s Love - Darryl Mosley, Stafford Crossing Community Church We have multiple way to love, but none come close to God's love His redeeming love is a gift beyond compare John 4 His Love comes straight, His love knows no barrier  -... Continue Reading →

February Song – It Was Paid

The February song has a name now which is "It Was Paid".  The idea of writing and mixing a song each month came from Graham Cochrane at Recording Revolution.  The inspiration for this song came in part from some notes... Continue Reading →

February Song

Notes for the February song.  I found some notes I wrote some years back. The main theme seemed to be the cost of salvation.  I wrote an outline for the song the morning of Feb. 10.  Chord progression, F#m, D,... Continue Reading →

Make More Music This Year With These 3 Mindset Shifts

I decided to write a song each month after watching a video blog "Make More Music This Year With These 3 Mindset Shifts" from the Recording Revolution.  I enjoy my pass time of writing songs and creating music. I also... Continue Reading →

Summer Grass

The song for January is "Summer Grass" based on the text from 1 Peter 1:24-25 Summer Grass - Jan 16 @William Mitchell Yes you can be born to life again Through the everlasting, seeds of Christ The truth of life... Continue Reading →

Sermon Notes Jan, 2017

Stafford Crossing Community Church Itunes Link Embrace the plans he has for you Let God reveal his beauty and truth Face the choice of what is or is not real Embrace who and what Jesus is Embrace the plans he... Continue Reading →


  Jan  12 Write a song each month? the Word of Lord - Summer Grass   Yes you can be born to life again For Christ bring the seeds of everlasting life The word of God breaks the death chains... Continue Reading →

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