My song for October 2017 is about a guy who would rather be alone than to be wrong.  In fact he is both wrong and alone by the end of the song.

So Happy to be Alone: 

I found this piano loop online. There was a list of loops on the site and one was named “So Happy Blues”.  When I listened to the loop that I used in this song, I started singing and the first line came out as “I’m So Happy to be Alone.” We all want to be open and close to someone at times. In contrast we all like to be right and at times we enjoy being alone. The guy I wrote about in this song takes the being “right and alone” to the extreme.  At first I was going to make him lighten up by the end of the song, but I decided to leave him a complete jerk.

“Oh Lord” is a song written by Tony Pistilli. We are collaborating on his song. He will be  adding his guitar and making other changes to the song.  The current version of the song is located on the KOMPOZ website. “Oh Lord”