The song for May 2017 is titled “Restore My Soul”. This is actually a rewrite. The song is based in part on Psalm 6 and 23. I lost the tracks for the original recording. The song for April “Ragged Soul” came about for my original attempt to redo “Restore My Soul”. I was listening to the early attempts for Restore My Soul and I said to myself that is pretty ragged.

Restore My Soul (2017) was written by me, the vocals, guitar, bass and midi are me. The drum track is from the open source drum machine, Hydrogen and it was recorded using the open source multi-track recorder Ardour.

Restore My Soul
William Mitchell – May 26, 2017

My mind is so upset
My heart is full of worry and gloom
My body weak and worn
Lord come and save your child soon

Restore my soul O Lord
Return me to the path, you laid out for me
Heal all my broken parts
Heal me with your love that sets me free

Lord save me from the ones
The ones with evil hearts and sinful deeds
Lord please hear my prayers
I know you give me all I need

Lord save me from myself
Correct your child when I tend to go astray
Fill me with your Word
Fill me with the truth, as I go your way

Come lord and make me well
This world lays so heavy on your child
Before all I know I will give praise
And sing of your glory

Open my eyes to see
Only you can take away all this pain
Restore my heart, O Lord
Fill me with love of the lamb that was slain