I decided to write a song each month after watching a video blog “Make More Music This Year With These 3 Mindset Shifts” from the Recording Revolution.

I had attempted two other songs for April that were not working. I wrote a song a few years back named “Restore My Soul.” I lost the original tracks for that recording. I was trying to recreate the song, but what I put together was a little ragged.  I laughed to myself and said only God could save this ragged soul.  So the idea of a “Ragged Soul” became the song for April.

The song is a reflection of my life and my search for meaning.  We are complex creatures and this song also reflects a little of what we all go through in some fashion.

The song was recorded on a Linux based computer using Ardour multi-track open source software.

Ragged Soul – William Mitchell – April 20, 2017

I got lost looking for the meaning of life
I thought I’d find answer with my mind
But it was the open door I failed to find

I was always moving but going nowhere
I was looking for answers here and there
Sometime I wondered if anyone really cared

I just don’t know what’s in my heart
Cause life has torn my soul apart

Can you save this ragged soul of mine
The truth of life is what I long to find
I have wandered here and there
Just to find I’ve been no where
Can you save this ragged soul of mine

I want things I don’t need
And I throw away what is good for me
Why am I so full of useless desires

I feel so lonely in this crowded world
When I’m with my love, I want to be alone
Lord at times I just don’t know what I feel

I’ve heard the story of your mercy and grace
And the lost and lame you came to find
Lord I guess that includes this name mine

I said it’s only the truth that I long to find
But in your promise there is so much more 
Tell me have I found that open door