Continuing with the project of recording a song each month; the song for March is titled  “I Know in Whom I Believe “.  The words come from  2 Timothy 1:9-12 and oppose the line “In this world that believes in this and that”.

The song was recorded on Linux based computer using Ardour open source software.  The recording was mixed following the rules for the 10 plugin challenge from the Recording Revolution.  The drum pattern was recorded by Laurent Wirz and was downloaded from

I Know in Whom I Believe  – 2 Timothy 1:9-12
@William Mitchell
March 23, 2017

Because I know just in whom I believe

And I’m convinced that he is able to guard

This life that I have entrusted to him

until that day when we stand before God

        In this world that believes in this and that

        Well I know just in whom I believe

               I believe in Jesus Christ the Savior

               And our sins he came to erase

               Not because of anything we’ve done

               but because of his purpose and grace.

His gift came before the beginning of time,

It’s now revealed through our Savior love,

Christ Jesus who has destroyed death

Yes the gift of life he brought from above


Yes I know just in who I believe

And I know that I will suffer his name

But in faith I will spread his word

And in this I can find no for shame