I came to a point where I had two songs for one chord progression. I kept listening to both and I end up with the follow words.  I am still mixing the song.  I still trying to mixing the song with only ten plugins.

I Know in Whom I Believe  – 2 Timothy 1:9-12


Because I know just in whom I believe

And I’m convinced that he is able to guard

This life that i have entrusted to him

until that day when we stand before God


In this world that believes in this and that

Well I know just in whom I believe


I believe that Jesus came to save us

And he calls us to a holy life

Not because of anything we’ve done

but because of his purpose and grace.


His gift came before the beginning of time,

It now revealed through our Savior love,

Christ Jesus who has destroyed death

And the gift of life he brings to light


My faith appoints me as an apostle of his word

My faith appoints me as a teacher for him

And I know that I will suffer his name

Yet in this I find no for shame