The goal is to write, record and mix a song each month. I decided to do this after watching a video blog “Make More Music This Year With These 3 Mindset Shifts” from the Recording Revolution.  Song writing is just a pass time for me, but still I want to write good songs. Trying to produce a song each month has forced me to study more aspects of music.  I mix sound at church, so learning recording mixing has helped to be a better live mixer.  Trying to write more interesting songs is forcing me to practice more, which makes me a better musician when I am on stage.

Another side effect of learning to mix is that I enjoy listening to music more because I hear more now.  I have always loved the vocals, guitar, and bass in songs.  Now I hear all the instruments and for me it is just more enjoyable.

I have come up with a lot of ideas for the March song, yet no song. I attempted to put some of my notes to music, but it is not working. I found a website with an article titled “5 Pleasantly Ambiguous Chord Progressions For a Song Verse“. This post is on the Secrets of Song Writing site and this article was posted by Gary Ewer.  The article was interesting and it helped me come up with a good chord progression for a song.

I follow the Recording Revolution Blog. The song for March, if I ever get one, I will attempt the following this challenge from the Recording Revolution:

March 9, 2017 | Audio Example, Mixing, Plugins, Tips, Video

Sometimes the simple act of false limitations can open up your mind to incredible growth in your craft as a mix engineer. For example, what if you could mix your song and use only 10 plugins? Not just 10 types of plugins but 10 actual plugins!