God’s Love – Darryl Mosley, Stafford Crossing Community Church

We have multiple way to love, but none come close to God’s love

His redeeming love is a gift beyond compare

John 4

His Love comes straight, His love knows no barrier


We must engage those far from God

We must engage those who are out-of-bounds

For the living water is a gift for all

A spring of water welling up to eternal life


We all have a spiritual needs

But sometimes felt and real needs get in the way.

Cast no stone but reach out in love

Meet them with love and point them to life


Will we run away from God and his truth

But the fact is we worship in spirit and truth

Let us not put off this for tomorrow

Because Jesus the Son of God is here today


Those who hear will go out and tell

Tell of the Christ and what he did for all

Because of their faith other will believe

And others will find the salvation of God


Opportunity to hear and speak when called

Sensitive is the way we to meet people where they are

Ready, we must be prepared to stop, listen and share