Stafford Crossing Community Church

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Embrace the plans he has for you

Let God reveal his beauty and truth
Face the choice of what is or is not real
Embrace who and what Jesus is
Embrace the plans he has for you

God has prepared the way
You only have to open your heart
For Jesus is the one, the only
He is the answer to your deepest need

Live a great life for all to see
Be a disciple to the fullest degree
Open your mind to the teachings of the Lord
Find the path the lord has for you

Live out your calling as a forerunner
Embrace the tasks the Lord has for you.
But remember you are not the King
But be the voice in your wilderness

Be a new voice calling out
Tell the world who Christ is
Be a child called by God
Whatever you do, do it for Christ

The lamb takes away the sins of the world
Jesus is the one and I believe it
May my quiet life forever speak of him
Whatever you do do it for the Lord