My wife loves to walk. She had a bad back and the walking really helps to reduce the pain. I don’t mind walking, but I get tired of the same walk around the community. Driving across the Wilson bridge one day I noticed people walking and biking on the north side.  I told my wife we should walk across one day.  About a years later we did take the first walk. We parked at Belle Haven Park and started our walk from the park.  It is very nice view going across the bridge look back over Alexandria and into Washington. We walked across to the National Harbor and had bunch at Rosa Mexicano Restaurant.  Our walking pace back after eating was a little slow, but it was a very nice morning.  The second time we walked the bridge, we parked at the Jones Point Park which right below the bridge on the Virginia side. The attached Wilson Bridge video came from our second walk across the bridge.  We have walked across 2 1/2 times; the third time we ate way too much and got a ride back to our car.